Almost, Maine

By John Cariani


Brittania McCullough, Laurie McDonald, Ralph Strangis and Gary Walters


Directed by George Morrow

All is not quite what it seems in the remote town of Almost, Maine. As the northern lights hover in the star-filled sky above, Almost’s residents find themselves falling in and out of love in unexpected and often hilarious ways. Knees are bruised. Hearts are broken. But the bruises heal, and the hearts mend—almost—in this delightful midwinter night's dream.


Steel Magnolias

by Robert Harling

Directed by Wheelice Wilson, Jr.

The close-knit women at Truvy's Beauty Salon, the unofficial hub of Chinquapin La., have lots of time to gossip. Their husbands - - absent, depressed, or dead - - have made sure of that. Consequently, visitors to the salon get more than a wash and cut. The wise-cracking Truvy, with the help of her new glamour technician Annelle, dispenses shampoo with liberal doses of free advice and gossip to the town's curmedgeon, Ouiser; an eccentric millionaire, Miss Clairee, and the local town social worker, M'Lynn, whose daughter, Shelby, is on the verge of marriage. Alternately hilarious and touching, the play focuses on the comaderie of these six Southern women who talk, gab, gossip, chitchat, needle and harangue each other through the best of times - - and cry, caress, comfort and repair one another through the worst. They're soul mates in a rarefied way that assumes a cult of femininity - - sisters come hell and high water. Pushing laughter and pain together, Steel Magnolias pulls tears from even the most cynical eyes.


A Christmas Story


By Jean Shepherd
Adapted by Philip Grecian



Directed by Wheelice Wilson, Jr.

Nine-year-old Ralphie Parker wants a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas.  He pleads his case before his mother, his teacher, and even Santa Claus himself, but the consistent response is, “You’ll shoot your eye out!”  All the nostalgic elements of the popular movie are here:  the exploding furnace; Scut Farkas, the school bully; the boys’ experiment with a wet tongue on a cold lamppost; the Little Orphan Annie  decoder pin; Ralphie’s father winning a lamp shaped like a woman’s leg.  A holiday classic.




By John Patrick Shanley


Directed by Wheelice Wilson, Jr.


In this brilliant and powerful drama, Sister Aloysius, a Bronx school principal, takes matters into her own hands when she suspects the young Father Flynn of improper relations with one of the students.  Winner of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award, the story was also made into a popular movie starring Meryl Streep.



Moon Over Buffalo
By Ken Ludwig


Directed by George Morrow

An acting couple are on tour in Buffalo in 1953 with a repertory consisting of Cyrano de Bergerac and Private Lives.  Fate has given these thespians one more shot at starring roles in a Hollywood movie because Frank Capra himself is en route to catch their matinee performance.  Will he see Cyrano or Private Lives, or a disturbing mixture of the two?  Hilarious misunderstandings pile on madcap misadventures, all of which are magnified by a deaf mother who manages the theatre.  Doors slam, people trip up, and identities are mistaken in this backstage farce.




Dearly Beloved
By Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten

Directed by Wheelice Wilson, Jr.

The Futrelle Sisters – Frankie, Honey Raye and Twink – are throwing a wedding in Fayro, Texas.  The guests are waiting in the church, but things are not going well.  To save money, the affair is not catered and the reception depends on potluck and on the meat donated by Clovis Sanford's House of Meat, still roasting in a pit out back.  Honey Raye’s skintight gold lame outfit raises eyebrows, but she doesn’t care because she is consumed with hot flashes.  Adding to the hilarious chaos is the fact that the bride and groom have eloped, with the local police in hot pursuit.  Stay calm while the laughter roars.



Book by Roger O. Hirson
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz


Directed by Wheelice Wilson, Jr.


This tongue-in-cheek anachronistic musical fairy tale is about young Prince Pippin, who longs to discover the secret of true happiness and fulfillment. He discovers it is not in the grandeur of war, as his father King Charlemagne the Great believes, in the temptations of the flesh, or in the intrigues of political power. Pippin finds it in the simple pleasures of home and family.

The energetic pop-influenced score is by three-time Oscar-winning composer/ lyricist Stephen Schwartz (Godspell, Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Wicked). The show is filled with soaring ballads and infectious dance numbers.