Theatre Coppell's 2013 - 2014 Season

HallelujahGirls web

Hallelujah Girlsby Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten

August 23 – September 1, 2013


Hilarity abounds when the feisty females of Eden Falls, Georgia, decide to shake up their lives.  After the loss of a dear friend, they realize time is precious, so they decide to get on with changing their lives.  But Sugar Lee, their leader, has her hands full.  Charlene has given up on romance, having buried three husbands.  Nita’s a nervous wreck from raising her problematic son.  Mavis’ marriage is so stagnant she’s wondering how she can fake her own death.  And sweet, simple Crystal entertains them all, singing Christmas carols with her own hilarious lyrics.  A side-splitting comedy that will make you shout “Hallelujah!”

Blithe Spirit web

Blithe Spirit, by Noel Coward

October 4 – 20, 2013


Charles has a problem:  Both his wives have died.  But, even worse, they have come back to haunt him.  And the girls are insanely jealous of each other, too.  At the top of an ethereal love triangle, Charles tries desperately to appease both.  He must continue to live a mortal life while his wives can enjoy the benefits of popping in and out of existence.  Mix in a confused maid, an excited fortune-teller, and two friends who can’t see that the ghosts are having fun with them and you have a formula for mayhem.  Noel Coward’s most enduring, classic comedy.

Blitzen web

Blitzen!, by Julian Wiles

December 6 – 22, 2013


It is the Christmas after one of the largest hurricanes ever to hit the country, and Stephen and Andy’s room, like most of their house, is still in shambles.  Stephen has stopped believing in almost everything, and his little brother Andy writes to Santa Claus to ask him to fix up their room by Christmas.  Of course, no one believes this is possible, and then Blitzen shows up.  Sometimes you have to make a little magic yourself.  A warm and moving story of a family re-discovering the magic of the holiday.

InheritTheWind web

Inherit the Windby Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

February 7 – 23, 2014


Loosely based on the famous Scopes “Monkey” trial of 1925, this is a courtroom drama that pits evolution against creationism.  When a teacher is accused of violating a state statute by teaching what is outlawed, a revered clergyman becomes the prosecutor and a famous attorney arrives in the small town to defend the teacher.  Not just about guilt or innocence, the overriding issue is a social one.  After the play (which had its premiere in Dallas, Texas, in 1955) became a classic, the authors insisted that it’s not about science and religion but about the right to think.

Nerd web

The Nerd, by Larry Shue

April 11 – 27, 2014


Willum, an aspiring young architect has often told his friends about the debt he owes to a fellow ex-GI whom he has never met but who saved his life in Vietnam.  Willum has written to Rick to say that, “I’ll do anything to repay your kindness.”  So when Rick shows up unexpectedly, it’s a welcome meeting.  But Rick is a bumbling oaf with no social sense, little intelligence, and less tact.  Rick stays on and on, leading to one uproarious incident after another.  The normally placid Willum starts contemplating violence, which, happily, is staved off by a surprising twist-ending of the play.


Annie web

Annie, by Thomas Meehan, Charles Strouse, and Martin Charnin

July 18 – August 3, 2014


Who doesn’t know of little orphan Annie’s blight during the Depression, her nemesis Miss Hannigan, her adoption by millionaire Daddy Warbucks, and her faithful companion Sandy?  Join the famous red-head as she and her buddies sing Hard Knock Life, NYC, Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile, and Little Girls.  And, of course, the musical would never be complete without Annie’s promise that the sun will come out Tomorrow.