Theatre Coppell's 2017 - 2018 Season

Vanities web

Vanitiesby Jack Heifner

August 18 – September 3, 2017

This bittersweet comedy is a snapshot of the lives of three Texas girls. Joanne, Kathy, and Mary who are aggressively vivacious cheerleaders. Five years later in their college sorority house, they are confronting their futures with nervous jauntiness. As adults, they reunite briefly in New York. Time has changed their friendships, which once were as well coordinated as sweater sets. Old time banter rings false. Their attempts at honest conversation only show they can no longer afford to have very much in common.

LittleFoxes web

The Little Foxes, by Lillian Hellman

October 6 – 22, 2017

Regina Hubbard Giddens and her scheming brothers, Oscar and Ben, plan to get rich from a cotton mill, but first they must tap into the wealth of Regina’s sickly husband, Horace Giddens. The trio attempts to marry Regina’s daughter Alexandra to Oscar’s son Leo. When that plan fails, their schemes devolve into theft and blackmail, driving an irreparable wedge between family members.


BCPE web

The Best Christmas Pageant Everby Barbara Robinson

December 1 - 17, 2017


In this hilarious Christmas classic, a couple struggling to put on a church Christmas pageant is faced with casting the Herdman kids – probably the most inventively awful kids in history. You won’t believe the mayhem – and the fun – when the Herdmans collide with the Christmas story head on!


Prisoner2ndAvenue web

The Prisoner of Second Avenue, by Neil Simon

February 2 - 18, 2018


Mel Edison is a well-paid executive in a high-end Manhattan firm, which has suddenly hit the skids, and he gets the ax. His wife Edna takes a job to tide them over, then she too is sacked. Compounded by the air pollution killing his plants and the walls of his apartment, which are paper-thin, which allow him a constant earful of his neighbors’ private lives, things can’t seem to get any worse. Mel does the only thing left for him to do – he has a nervous breakdown – and it’s the best thing that ever happened to him. It’s a hilarious situation at every turn.


CommunicatingDoors web

Communicating Doors, by Alan Ayckbourn

April 6 - 22, 2018



A specialist from the future stumbles into a murder plot that sends her, compliments of a unique set of hotel doors, traveling back in time. She and two women who were murdered in 1998 and 1978 race back and forth in time trying to rewrite history and prevent their own violent ends. The frantic race begins when Poopay is hired for an evening at the Regal Hotel by an old man who eschews a fling in favor of confessing his role in the demise of his wives. Now a target, Poopay opens a door and somehow triggers the time machine.




HowtoSucceed web

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,  Music by Frank Loesser, Book by Abe Burrows, Jack Weinstock, and Willie Gilbert

July 13 – 29, 2018


J. Pierpont Finch is a lowly window cleaner with dreams of making it big in the business world. After finding a copy of the book How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Finch decides to apply the tactics in the book to his own life. Soon, he’s working as a mail-room clerk at the World Wide Wicket Company and quickly fighting his way up the corporate ladder with relative ease in this quirky Broadway musical.